Hotpot Story


About us


No one knows exactly when the Hotpot became a meal that symbolizes the spirit of reunions in Asia. What should we eat? Where should we eat? When should we eat? These are all familiar questions we ask every time we plan a gathering. A reunion meal must not only be delicious.
The atmosphere must also be considered carefully. It is human nature to look forward with anticipation to a cozy and happy meeting with family and friends after a busy and stressful day. Only the Hotpot can create this warm ambiance.


According to history which has been passed down through stories from generation to generation, Hotpot either originated in Northern China or from Mongolian cavalrymen. Nowadays, the tradition of Hotpot is celebrated by families in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea… For many reasons, the Hotpot is an interesting meal that has diverse and high-quality ingredients. It is easily prepared and eaten, and it possesses a traditional Asian identity.



When people gather around a Hotpot table, they discuss real-life experiences with each other.

With every piece of meat and every veggie they dip into the Hotpot, more stories are shared. People laugh out loud. A Hotpot meal is designed to create cherished moments that will be remembered by everyone.

So gather together and enjoy a meal with a comfortable and treasured soul. Share weal with this person and woe with that person… all of the feelings of sadness, regret, and disappointment will follow the smoke of the Hotpot and drift outside. The remainder is only love and happiness.

Come and experience it for yourself! Join us at Hotpot Story and create cherished memories with your loved ones over delicious food and heartwarming moments.